Audacia Ventures

Audacia. Noun. The state or quality of being bold.

Audacia Ventures is a Canadian management and strategy consulting company with a special focus on helping its clients access traditional venture capital and non-traditional funding opportunities. Since 2013, Audacia has raised over $35 Million for 100+ Early-Stage Startups ranging from Edtech, Fintech, Martech, Medtech, Gaming, Renewable Energy, and Real Estate while assisting them with strategies for growth and operational efficiency, software development services, product development and management, strategic business development, go-to-market execution, and project management support to effectively solve business challenges that these Early-Stage Startups experience everyday.

Founders helping Founders

We are a daring and seasoned team of Startup Founders with prior exits who are now helping other disruptive, bold & purpose-led Founders across different sectors with critical aspects of capital, time and more to fuel their early-stage startup journey & maximize their odds of success

Fundraising Services

You need traction to raise funds, but you need funds to get traction!

Raising funds is arguably the #1 challenge for most early-stage startups that more often than not ends in the dreaded "too early for us, but add us to your mailing list and let's discuss when you're further along." We change that and offer you benefits of our diverse industry knowledge, best-in-class transaction skills, and unparalleled network of investors across various stages. To top it off, we invest in our personal capacities, as well as through funds that we are affiliated with. With over $35 Million raised for early-stage startups by leveraging our solutions for funding, growth, leadership, as well as technology, we've been there and done that, and now can help you defy gravity and rise above the noise.

Change the Game

We work with you to offer actionable insights, mentorship and support to make your deck stand out, refine your pitch, prepare for tough Investor Q&As, and zero-in on bringing out your exciting, FOMO-inducing story

Discover Options

We also help you discover, navigate, apply for, and maximize non-dilutive Government Funding options to stretch every investment dollar raised by taking charge of the funding process from start to finish.

Development Services

Scrappy early-stage startups attract scrappy early-stage talent. There is nothing wrong with that. It's the best way to manage the runway while you are still discovering product-market fit. The challenge lies in the fact that early-stage scrappy developers haven't yet made the mistakes that experienced developers have. When those mistakes are made, milestones are delayed. When milestones are delayed beyond what the runway allows, startups die. Our goal is to increase your chances of success by ensuring a smooth MVP delivery in a timely manner. We play a critical role in a critical stage of the startup journey - and we play it well. Beyond MVP, we support startups build their in-house senior-level teams by assisting with leadership development and team building strategies

Development Support

We complement your development team with a roster of our in-house experienced developers who complement and act as an extension of your development team. Our developers are startup veterans and excel at both the development as well as the business dynamics of startups and the many constraints that come with them.

We're Local

Our team is where we are, and we are in Vancouver, Canada. We don't outsource. We prefer to work with startups in our city to have our development talent be fully embedded with their team for as long as it takes for a successful MVP delivery.

Business & Backoffice Services

Startups are best served when Founders' focus is on Product and Growth. Startups are not best served when Founders' focus is on back office tasks of processing payroll, preparing Board Resolutions, updating Corporate Documents, or engaging with accounting.

We provide Founders with much needed mental headspace to focus on Product and Growth by completely managing their infrastructure and backend office. From Accounting to Legal to even flexible Desk Rentals, you get a battle-hardened infrastructure setup that is capable of moving at the lighting-fast pace that is needed. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Operations Services

Transformation of a great idea to an MVP demands organized and efficient project management including diligent analysis of risks, challenges, and pain points to effectively address them before they become critical and we offer Founders just that to help them stay on top of their goals and become successful in this dynamic and ever evolving market. We assist you at every step of this transformation from project assessment and planning, resources, to project control


Project assessment, feasibility analysis, risk analysis and mitigation, timelines and project implementation plan, market research


Financial planning and analysis, staffing and recruitment planning, budget proposals for investors, funding entities, and internal planning


Identifying project KPIs and KPI monitoring plan, cost analysis, compliance requirements and documentation pertaining to funding covenants

Connect With Us

As venture builders ourselves, we are extremely cognizant of challenges faced by early-stage entrepreneurs, and actively seek to help early-stage startups. If you are an early-stage entrepreneur, please use this form to get in touch.